Dry Stacked Block Wall Growth is Real

Wall Growth Madness
Block wall expansion occurs when the wall spontaneously increases in length. This phenomenon arises due to inconsistencies in the levelness of previous rows of blocks, resulting in a wider gap between the blocks, as illustrated in the provided diagram.

This incremental elongation gradually builds up along the wall and can ultimately lead to an extension of the wall’s length by an inch or even more as the stacking progresses. Another important consideration is that empirical observations suggest that wall expansion tends to stay under 1/16 inch per complete block. This is achievable by ensuring that the initial row of blocks is properly aligned with the footer using mortar, followed by the stacking of the lower portion of the wall.

Furthermore, when you reach the top of the sixth row of blocks, it’s advisable to apply mortar to the seventh row. This step is essential for re-establishing a level alignment for the remaining upper portion of the wall. Implementing this practice of mortaring the blocks in the seventh row serves to rectify any irregularities in the block arrangement and effectively manages the expansion of the wall, which might accumulate after six rows of block stacking.

See our wall dimensions page for more details.

Picture of block wall growth.