Qcad Training Course Description

Introducing the “QCad Training Course” a comprehensive resource featuring over 6 hours of video instruction, divided into 21 concise videos with an average duration of 17 minutes each. At the core of our free Qcad course, lies our refined “hands-on” training approach, which sets it apart. Unlike many CAD training courses that inundate learners with an exhaustive array of options and tools right from the start, our philosophy takes a different route.

Sample Qcad tool screen with a block pattern demonstrated.

We understand that the deluge of options can overwhelm and lead to frustration, often resulting in unfinished courses or superficial skimming. With our course, you won’t encounter that. Our philosophy focuses on imparting knowledge through a handful of essential tools. We then utilize these tools to illustrate crucial CAD concepts. As you grow accustomed to these foundational tools, hands-on practice reinforces the newfound knowledge, leading to a deeper understanding of CAD principles. This process not only enhances your accuracy but also streamlines your efforts.

As the training progresses, additional tools are gradually introduced, and you’ll gain insights into manipulating various drawing elements. We recommend completing the entire course before diving into your project. This comprehensive approach ensures that the knowledge gained significantly enhances your drawing efficiency. Ultimately, this investment of time will substantially reduce the duration required to complete your project.

Click here for the 9-minute entry point for Lesson-0 “QCad Training Default Setup” .

Course Outline Description by Lesson Number

Lesson-0 Introduction and initial setup.

Lesson-1 Window area explained

Lesson-2 Co-ordinate system is the foundation for all CAD programs

Lesson-3 The command-line for extreme accuracy

Lesson-4 Line Tools and line manipulation

Lesson-5 Entity selection

Lesson-6 Using the ARC tools

Lesson-7 Snap tools for quick and accurate entity positioning

Lesson-8 The modify and move tools capability

Lesson-9 Auto-snap and restriction concepts and how to use

Lesson-10 Block creation and manipulation

Lesson-11 Entity information tools

Lesson-12 Dimension tools and how to dimension properly

Lesson-13 Text tools and their proper use

Lesson-14 Auto-save and recovery-file understanding

Lesson-15 Basic printing capabilities

Lesson-16 Entity manipulation tools

Lesson-17 Import and trace bitmap images

Lesson-18 Layers and blocks and how they interact

Lesson-19 Advanced relative reference usage for speed and accuracy

Lesson-20 Advanced printing concepts

Lesson-21 Effective project management consideration

Lesson-22 Not part of the course, it is general overview using clips from the course videos.