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As I crafted this book, I found myself compelled to use CadStd as the primary drawing program. However, upon later examination, I discovered that QCad from www.ribbonsoft.com proved to be the optimal choice for mastering the art of creating dry-stacked block house plans.

QCad is equipped with impressive capabilities, complemented by in-depth documentation catering to CAD experts, and reinforced by a robust support system via its active forums. At the time of writing, its price of $42 stands out as remarkably reasonable, providing a significant return on investment. In contrast, CadStd falls short, resembling more of a basic tool in comparison.

The remarkable capabilities of QCad inspired me to embark on a six-month journey to master its intricacies, eventually leading me to create a comprehensive training course. This course has been available on YouTube since 2007 and consistently receives positive feedback. Developing this training course remains one of my most esteemed accomplishments.

For just $42, you can access the Professional version, unlocking a plethora of advanced features. While the bundled tutorial is tailored for seasoned CAD users, it may prove less accessible for newcomers like myself. Additionally, the native help files might lack the depth required for beginners. However, these training videos directly address these challenges, streamlining the learning process.

By engaging with this training course, you can swiftly grasp QCad in a matter of days, bypassing the months it might otherwise take. After completing this complimentary course, you will possess substantial CAD expertise, enabling you to dive into your projects with efficiency and confidence, yielding triumphant outcomes.