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There is no physical book "Drystacked Construction Handbook" at this time, only the eBook PDF. The eBook can be printed from the pdf file by yourself or a local print service. Due to numerous delivery problems, mail orders have been suspended.

Purchase of this e-book was discontinued, due to PHP skyrocketing costs

(because of update difficulties and old version maintenance fees).

You now must contact me at

I will respond when I can, with a link to download the e-book for free.

To read the eBook, you need a pdf reader, which most computers already have.

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Download the "Drystacked Construction Handbook" eBook PDF file for cross platform Operating systems.




You get an e-mail with download link.
The "Drystacked Construction Handbook" eBook only requires (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc) operating system. Also requires a PDF reader. This is a 9 Mbyte file that contains the eBook only. The file has to be this large to include detailed house plan drawings that are used for reference throughout the book.

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