If you want to purchase a surface bonding sprayer:

You can purchase this sprayer product at www.mortarsprayer.com You can also contact them at 541-683-4167, Pacific Asset Development, PO Box 2952, Eugene OR 97402.

Or build your own surface bonding sprayer:

I built my own surface bonding sprayer using the plans referenced below. The author lives in Canada and has used the sprayer for many other uses than just SBC. These plans were found at the following URL:


Just in case that website ever goes away, I have included the pertinent information files required to build this sprayer, in the links found below. The original author retains full rights to the information in these links.

Sprayer diagrams.pdf
Sprayer construction & usage
Author and Sprayer

The last links show my version of the surface bonding sprayer and my lid enhancement. The lid slides over the hopper from the business end of the sprayer. Notice how the hole is worn egg shaped after 80 bags of spray went through it. This hole elongated because the sprayer air nozzle was not in perfect alignment with the original hopper hole. Notice that I was not concerned with a nice and square hopper, but it worked well even when the craftsmanship was poor.

When I first built it, I wasn't sure if it would work with SBC, so I just threw it together with crude bending and pop rivets. Much to my surprise it worked quite well. If it aint broke, don't fix it! I used a 3-1/2HP 115VAC Sears electric compressor with good results. The compressor did run continuously though just to keep up. My air pressure was set for 80psi, but during use it typically fell to 50psi which was all that the compressor could sustain at that flow rate. I noticed little if any difference between 80psi and 50psi.

My New Sprayer
My Sprayer Lid
My Sprayer is not Fancy

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