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This book will fully explain in great detail, how to build using the dry-stacked block home construction concept. Here are some sample PDF preview pages from the book. This building method eliminates many building plan complications and other problems associated with other building methods. This building method allows one person to perform most of the construction work alone, if desired.

Step by step instructions are provided from beginning to end. If you want to build with dry-stacked blocks or you are considering building with dry-stacked blocks, then you can not afford to ignore this book. It will help you prevent common building mistakes, save you time, and save you money. Most importantly, this book will help you to achieve a quality home with high resale value.

This book fully describes the building of a large stand-alone garage (51'x31') and a 2500 square foot home with attached garage. Start planning your home construction project today. This book will guide you through to a successful completion.

The majority of dry-stacking errors result from poor planning. Good planning will help to achieve professional home construction results which will increase the resale value and curb appeal of your finished home.

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"Surface Bonding Cement" video

"How to Drystack a Block Wall" video

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This home construction book is designed for both the owner-builder and the owner who may contract out much of the work. We now offer a supplemental "How to Drystack a Block Wall" movie that is like being there during the wall construction process. The details in this book and movie will enable the builder and will enlighten the person monitoring the work being performed. Many professional block contractors have no direct experience with dry-stacking and this book can assist them in performing a professional job the first time.

The download version of this eBook is in the PDF file format. This allows easy viewing on all computer platforms. This PDF version of the book can be zoomed in for more detail because of high resolution pictures and drawings. There is also a CD which we will postal mail directly to your location. The CD also contains video clips on how to install and use Adobe Reader v8.0 to view this eBook and other eBooks. You can also download a menu package eBook file which includes a video clip menu system. These video clips are quite valuable if you are new at using eBooks.

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This book will be your expert reference manual that will explain options and choices for working with this home construction building medium. The sequence in which you do things is just as important as what you do. Proper construction sequence choices are provided in detail throughout this book.

Step by step procedures are described in the various chapters. Although dry-stacking requires minimal skills, such skills are completely described so that you can quickly and easily become productive and proficient in those minimal skill requirements.

Now is the time to start planning your project for success. This handbook will describe successful planning and ensure successful project completion.

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